Wednesday Night Bible Study: 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Classes Available:
Children:  3 years - 6th grade
Teen:  7th - 12th grade

Wednesday study material (January 16th):

    Read Exodus 6:1 - 7:13

1. Things got worse before they got better. How did the people respond?
2. What is the result of their complaining?
3. How did Moses respond to their complaining?
4. What can we learn from his response?
5. What are the seven "I wills" in verses 6-8, and what can we derive from them?

1. God says he will use Aaron as a prophet, what does this mean?
2. How does the Word define a prophet?
3. Does God still use prophets today?
4. Who were these wise men and sorcerors?
5. Did they truly duplicate the miraculous acts done by God through Moses, or was it trickery?
6. What can we learn from this for today?